Behind the Brand


In 2019, Jennifer Amedee, the Founder, witnessed the transformation of her brainchild into reality with the launch of Sayings Kids, later transitioned to SK. As a mother and a fashion-forward individual, Jennifer's journey into the world of fashion was inspired by her experience of having a daughter. Jenn's deep connection to her travels in Europe, adds a special touch to the brand. SK serves as a testament to the seamless convergence of varied experiences, consistently showcasing the beauty that emerges from these unique influences.


Enter Danni, a woman craving purpose and a fresh start in life. Despite lacking a background in fashion, she joined forces with Jenn, driven by a shared commitment to hard work and a deep connection to the joys of motherhood. Working diligently in the background, she brings a unique perspective and contributes to the expansion of SK, ensuring its growth beyond children's wear to encompass a captivating line of unique female clothing. Danni's efforts help shape the brand's vision, fostering innovation and empowering SK to redefine fashion with purpose and passion.


SK is a New Orleans born brand, offering wardrobe staples and elevated essentials that are trend focused, while remaining timeless. What started with children’s clothing, has expanded to include a captivating line of unique female clothing celebrating individuality. SK stands for Simply Keep….
"Simply Keep evolving, for fashion is not just about what you wear, but the confidence you wear it with. Embrace your journey, adorn yourself with authenticity, and let your style tell the story only you can narrate."


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