Winter Wonderland

Snow White huge tree

Decorating for the holidays in Louisiana often begins with reviving Thanksgiving leftovers, crafting a rich and hearty turkey gumbo (click for a delicious recipe). The warmth of this dish extends the festive spirit. As a parent, my attempt to impart the art of making a roux—the foundation of gumbo—to my kids hit a complete fail. They did not know what a roux was or much less how to spell it. How do you make sure traditions continue with your family? 

Despite the hiccup, the joy of the holidays persists through decorations, vibrant lights, and the irresistible sound of holiday music. There was an empty spot in the house just begging for the biggest, tallest tree we could squeeze in. After a hunt that felt like a wild goose chase, we found the one! It was massive but somehow fit snugly in our space. Then came the fun part - decking it out in white, gold, and silver. We turned that tree into a sparkling showstopper. The room transformed from blah to Winter Wonderland in no time! It was like magic, with the tree twinkling and shimmering, making our home feel like a cozy fairytale. 


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